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Test Automation

Manual testing can be tedious, time-consuming and expensive. To keep up with today's demands, the Test Tool Factory provides tools for automated test execution. Our solution decreases your product's time-to-market by providing faster testing, more reliability and better insights in quality.

With Tools

Our tools are designed to help testers get their jobs done. We give a lot of attention to robustness, flexibility and usability. The tools support different parts of the testing process: specification, execution and analysis of results.

For People

We believe that test tools should be aimed at human testers, without requiring extensive programming skills. Easy and fun to use; and stimulating continuous learning - both for the single individual and the team he belongs to.

Tangible Results

Test Automation should always yield tangible results and return-on-investment. Our tools and processes are designed to aim for quick wins at the beginning of a project, while developing a strong long term vision to ensure durability.


Test automation enables effective and efficient testing. Our tools offer more than just another solution to test automation. We offer solutions to make individuals better and provide them with tools that enable them to work better in a team.
A high performing team with efficient processes like automated testing is the key to success!

What we offer

The Test Tool Factory offers test automation tools. Our tools are approachable and easy to learn for every team member. We focus on team work in adaptive teams and support continuous learning. Our tools open up a innovative and fun dimension to test automation in your team!

  • In-depth onboarding

    Vision and strategic planning

    Different customer, different needs. Test Tool Factory offers audits to define the perfect strategy for your needs.

  • Test Tool

    Test automation and teamwork

    Our tools focus on web applications. We offer extensive functionality to test web applications, web services and databases. The intuitive tool guides you through the basics and our learning concepts make you a master in no time. Be sure to share your work with your collaegues via our chat and review functionality.

  • Training

    Test automation for testers

    Our trainings offer an even further in-depth guide in effective test automation. Based on best practices and our extensive knowledge of test automation in practice guide your team to become a well-oiled team in test automation and testing!

  • Coaching

    Transition to Full Service

    We offer on-site and online coaches to guide your team to full service as an additional service. While the software supports continuous learning and teamwork, our experts can help your team in every aspect to make test automation a success.

  • Support

    Phase Two Expansion

    Our team is available for your questions and requests. Make sure to also check out our premier support to receive more guidance and a prioritized personal support experience. Besides, premier support gives you access to our latest releases first.

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